Ace Takwas

Ace Takwas (Real name: Animashaun Tosin Damilare), the “Meek G33K”, is a God-fearing lover of technology. He is a fairly skilled IT personnel with great potentials as well as high prospects.

His nickname Takwas is a name he got from college as a result of his involvement in the TaeKwanDo sport for a short period of time.

Give Tosin a PC…and he has a World! Well, what do you expect from a Geek?

Tosin has been a long time admirer of the geek culture; he loves things that are nerdy, geeky or just connected with intellectualism.

He started-off as a geek-wannabe, and through a defiant spirit came to establish the fact that he is a born-g33k. His latest test results from the Inner-Geek site show that He’s a Total G33K.

His other interests are English (he’s an Anglophile), Reading, Music (Christian Music & Gospel Rap) .

The name of this blog is a reflection of Tosin’s love for things that are Godly cum things that are ‘Techy‘.

His phobias:
** People
** Crowds
** Noise
** Heights

This is however not an exhaustive list of his fears but the aforementioned phobias standout. For instance, he is also Claustrophobic.

He is a prissy and pretty conservative fellow – not completely taciturn though. He is a perfectionist, an OCD…and more often than not, an Altruistic fellow.

Takwas enjoys spending his day hacking-around the world of technology….learning new tech. He’s an enthusiastic programmer – though fairly new to the profession


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