The Norms in Niger Area

Such things as arbitrary garbage disposal (in public places and along the roads) and a haphazard peeing manner have joined the order of the norms in my society.

We’ve certainly “turned blind eyes” to these nauseating anomalies that do no good but continue to degrade the state of our environment.

Of course, for a developing nation with prospects of joining the league of elites, a universal issue as that of caring for man’s environment need not be abandoned in the pipeline. Instead, such issues must be consistently reviewed whilst being kept on the front burner.

It is not unusual to see people across all age groups dump used water bags (alias “Pure Water“) haphazardly on the floor without feeling wrong about it. Then I ask myself the question,

“Even if we had to disregard the aesthetic usefulness of restraining from these acts, don’t these people give a damn about hygiene?”

But then again, it doesn’t always feel right to point accusing fingers at the violators who, frankly, are violating nothing.

In fact, it is imperative at this point, to reiterate the fact that,

“where there’s no law, there is certainly no penal offence.

With the exception of some metropolitan locations such as the Federal Capital Territory and Calabar, there doesn’t appear to be any strict laws regarding environmental pollution.

No one is asking, “How shall we salvage the situation?” Could it be as a result of disorientation, lack of awareness, nonchalance or what have you?

Sadly, the voice of the somewhat infinitesimal number of people who have decided not to board this train is not loud enough to drive these incongruous acts to a halt.

Apparently, law-enforcement-agencies must enact a crack down on this menace.

What would you prefer as a solution? Let’s have your comments below.

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